Alexandria Residents and Business Owners: Solar Energy Campaign Underway

Is your property a good fit for solar energy? Webinar April 14 at 12 p.m.

Is your property a good fit for solar energy? Webinar April 14 at 12 p.m.

ALEXANDRIA, VA-Solarize Alexandria is a program that facilitates the installation of solar energy systems on Alexandria properties for residents and business owners. This year’s campaign runs until June 30. SolarizeAlexandria, now in its seventh year, offers the following options.

Solar energy for home or business

Every homeowner who signs up for the SolarizeAlexandria program will receive a no-obligation virtual solar site assessment for their home or business. During this virtual assessment, a qualified solar energy professional will assess whether solar energy is a good choice for the home or business. Homeowners who want to engage in solar energy can take advantage of the discounts that take advantage of the massive regional prices and financing offered by a qualified solar energy professional.

If the property owner decides to install a solar power system in their home or business, a professional and a qualified solar power installer will work with the property owner to conduct additional assessments and designs. and schedule any necessary on-site work. The city also offers a property tax exemption for homeowners for the value of certified solar energy equipment. In addition, by enrolling in SolarizeAlexandria, homeowners will be able to obtain a complementary energy efficiency assessment to identify possible improvements in their overall energy efficiency.

The SolarizeAlexandria program also allows participants to purchase battery storage in addition to a solar power system. When battery storage is used in conjunction with a solar power system, homeowners can store the electricity generated by the system for use at any time. In addition, battery storage can provide the ability to power parts of the home during a power outage.

This year’s program continues to offer participants the option to purchase a tier two electric vehicle charging station for their home or business. This 240-volt electric vehicle charging station will provide an electric vehicle charge of up to 20 miles per hour of charging. A federal tax credit is also available to reduce the cost of the electric vehicle charging station for your home or business. Electric vehicle charging stations do not meet the requirements for the city’s solar energy equipment tax exemption.

The following virtual sessions will provide more information about SolarizeAlexandria and solar power options.

For more information and to register, visit

For more information on how solar power works, how to afford a solar system, and the incentives and programs available to Virginia solar customers, see Solar Energy Information at Energy & amp; Climate change website. Use the solar map of Northern Virginia to find out if your property is suitable for solar energy.

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