PRESIDIO’ is the perfect choice for those who like options. Do you want a 6-inch board or a 12 inch board? Would you like the option to mix 6- and 12-inch profiles without purchasing two different sets of materials? With the PRESIDIO
Deck and Dock Series, the choice is as easy as flipping the board over: one side allows the option of creating with 12 inch wide boards, while the other side is uniquely grooved to create the look of more conventional 6-inch-wide boards. Use both sides to create a look that is truly unique.

Engineered for design flexibility, beauty and durability— PRESIDIO Deck and Dock Series offers:

  • 6-inch and 12-inch profiles within the same deck board
  • Multiple colors
  • A slip-resistant wood grain embossed surface that does not heat up like wood, so it remains comfortable underfoot
  • A limited lifetime transferable warranty
You simply won’t find a more complete choice for your next decking project


The original reinforced, cellular PVC deck board from VEKA Innovations, now introduces VEKAdeck™ PRO, our second generation professional deck board.

VEKAdeck™ PRO is a superior alternative to wood and wood fiber/plastic composite decking materials.

VEKAdeck PRO provides a high return on your investment. Performance characteristics such as long life, high durability and extremely low maintenance are key to getting the most out of your outdoor living space.

VEKAdeck PRO is environmentally friendly, and is ideal for residential and commercial deck or dock applications.