Fans of Grand Designs are ‘disgusted’ as revamped grand scrolls are ‘stolen’…

Grand Designs viewers were unimpressed with the Royal Institute of British Architects’ picks for the House of the Year shortlist on Wednesday night after the ‘clear winner’, the Parchment House, missed the cut .

In a series of special episodes visiting homes that have been shortlisted for the prestigious RIBA award, and thus devoid of the usual stress, panic and financial woes, presenter Kevin McCloud and company were able to take in just a few of the more ‘after’ awesome this year.

The evening category focused on renovations and buildings that had been updated and transformed to the height of sophistication.

There was the Dutch Barn sitting in its eight-acre public garden, the Cow Shed magically transformed into a glorious library, and the two Victorian stories linked by a “futuristic zinc cube.”

However, it was the Parchment House that stole the hearts of the people, as the owners, Charlie and Jane, proudly displayed their unique grade two listed house in a printed work, which had stretched sensibly down to the ruins. of two separate buildings.

His architect son Will’s clever “build with a building” design made use of glass walls and the remaining ruins to shape the extension of the house, taking on brick walls that had previously been “garroted with ivy”.

The #GrandDesigns Parchment House is just amazing.

So clever. Very, very nice to look at. so homey So good.

If you lived in that house, you would probably want to be outside all the time so you could admire it.

Will’s attention to detail and upkeep was admirable, as he encouraged his parents to keep the rusty nails on one wall, as well as the lime-splattered paint on another.

The renovation work had been supervised by an archaeologist in case they discovered anything of value, which they did, in the form of an ancient stone bath.

The judges praised Parchment House’s use of old and new materials and how they “had introduced themselves and encouraged being friends”.

“Parchment House is the one, that’s the winner, what an absolute triumph,” declared one fan, while another added on Twitter: “A sensitive intervention that resulted in a beautiful house. A real winner in my opinion.

A third fan agreed, writing, “Clear winner – the definition of thinking outside the box.”

Unfortunately, that was not to be, as both Dutch Barn and Mews House advanced to the next round of House of the Year.

I love parchment house so according to the judges last week’s choice of Tesco Express love child and Balham leisure center will not be shortlisted â¹ï¸ #GrandDesigns

2nd week of #granddesigns House of the year. 2nd week I did not choose any of the shortlisted houses for the final. Show what I know. I can’t believe the scroll factory wasn’t chosen. It was completely amazing.

upset this was not shortlisted. Nothing more to say.

— Darryl Hasieber (@Dazz72) November 23, 2022

‘I can’t believe the scroll factory [sic] hasn’t been chosen. It was absolutely amazing,” shared one stunned fan, while another complained: “Wrong again.”

One onlooker pleaded: ‘It was stolen! @granddesigns come on.

“Disgusted, this was not shortlisted. There’s nothing more to say,’ an outraged viewer raged.

The House of the Year award judges praised their shortlisted selections of the Dutch Barn for its “quite unique” combination of a private building in the middle of an open public garden, while the Mews House’s sustainability credentials and generous wooden staircase impressed. .

Grand Designs continues on Wednesday at 9 p.m. m. on Channel 4.

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