Letter: Renovation of the Centennial Hall | Schools | tucson.com

The recently announced U of A improvement plan, including Centennial Hall, is great news. She desperately needs a MASSAVE MAJOR makeover. It’s more than an upgraded hall, bathrooms, seats and cash register. Hopefully, authorities will consult current subscribers and ticket holders, reporters and media art critics, national sound and lighting experts, and interview promoters, including Broadway Nederlander, and performers.

The time has come to increase your building’s potential revenue streams, such as name rights, sponsorship, selling seat licenses, introducing luxury seats, improved food, drink and merchandise streams.

Dave Heeke did a wonderful job of modernizing the dilapidated stadium. The refurbished McKale Center is now comparable to any national arena. Now is the opportunity to add the Centennial Hall to this level so that we can continue to attract national road shows, music, comedy and dance performances.

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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