Navisun Advances its Solar Power Portfolio with Two Projects in Massachusetts and Announces New Pollinator Program

One of the first companies to serve Massachusetts’ SMART Program Pollinator Adder

. alt 3.8 MW solar energy. These projects are among the first solar projects in the state to earn the new pollinator savior through Massachusetts’ SMART program. Navisun’s pollination – friendly expertise developed through these projects will also enable it to implement pollinator habitats in all existing future solar projects through its new pollination program. These projects, one of which is a community solar project, are located in Orange and Sheffield, Massachusetts, and generate enough electricity annually to power approximately 600 renewable energy homes.

In an effort to help reverse the loss of important pollination habitats and support greater food security, Navisun worked closely with expert ecologists to launch its new pollination program. Navisun’s program was largely established because environmental pressures, such as soil development and pesticides, have caused the number of bee colonies per capita. Hectares to fall by 90% since 1962 among American crops that require bee pollination. This is a critical issue as insects such as bees and butterflies are responsible for pollinating almost 75% of all crops consumed by humans. As Navisun continues to expand its project portfolio, the growth of its pollination-friendly expertise will enable it to implement pollinator habitats in all existing future projects, which in turn directly support farmers, food production and the environment.

The veteran solar company has been awarded pollinator-friendly certificates from the University of Massachusetts (UMass) Amherst Clean Energy Extension, enabling Navisun’s two locations in Orange and Sheffield, Massachusetts to meet the requirements for Massachusetts SMART pollinator rod. “Developing pollination-friendly habitats is another way Navisun demonstrates its conscientious commitment to the environment and land management,” said John Malloy, managing partner and co-founder of Navisun. “They are part of our underlying commitment to farmers, landowners and the communities we serve, and we are excited to formalize our pollinator program.”

Navisun is one of the first companies to apply for and receive the recent adder for the Massachusetts SMART program. To be certified as a pollination-friendly facility, grounds must be prepared and maintained to promote native meadow habitats under and around solar panels. Among many requirements include obtaining UMass certification planting of native flowering herbs and shrubs, eliminating the use of insecticide or fungicide, maintaining bee-nesting habitats, and providing safe passages along with project fences for small wildlife.

Project partner and chair of the Sheffield Municipal Government Board of Selectmen Rene Wood shared: “Speaking as a private citizen and chair of Sheffield’s Select Board, I’m very pleased that this award has been presented to Navisun for pollination-friendly actions at their solar cell system at home. Sheffield is a Right-to-Farm community; in 2020, the board adopted a pollinator-friendly policy in support of the Agriculture Commission and residents. This award promotes our efforts throughout the city and recognizes the critical role that pollinators play in our food production and well-being. “

Navisun LLC is a solar-independent power producer in the United States that co-develops, acquires, owns and operates distributed and small solar panel projects. The Navisun team has completed several projects for municipal, commercial, industrial, utility and institutional partners throughout the United States with typical project sizes ranging from 1 to 30 megawatts. For more information, visit

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