St. Croix CZM approves first step in hospital renovation

After severe damage from Hurricanes Irma and Maria, Luis Hospital is one step closer to a new facility as the St. Croix Coastal Zone Management Committee approved the construction of modular buildings and a temporary parking area.

Committee members met Tuesday and reviewed the hospital’s plans for the development of temporary facilities, the first step in a series of FEMA-funded projects.

The proposed area includes an additional 3.6 acres to the south and 5 acres to the east of the main campus, to allow space for modular units and parking during hospital demolition and reconstruction.

Committee member Kai Nielsen was concerned about flooding and drainage into the Limetree Bay refinery, but Land Redevelopment Team executive director Darryl Smalls said they would incorporate stormwater management and mitigation to reduce runoff. .

St. Croix CZM President Masserae Sprauve-Webster said limited parking space is a problem.

“Even with the modules removed, I think the problem is still there, there is no adequate parking space,” said Sprauve-Webster.

Smalls said parking would be a consideration as the project continues.

The demolition and construction of the new permanent hospital will need further approval from CZM.

“We look forward to a successful project and will deliver on everything that was outlined for the project,” Smalls said.