The couple turns an abandoned office building into a beautiful family home – while pregnant

The smart couple has been able to transform an abandoned office building into a good and inviting family land, adding £ 142,000 to the value of the property, all while expecting a second child.

Transform the home from a grim office to a family earth

Holly Grocott and her partner Mike, both 33, paid £ 245,000 for the Cheshire land back in March 2020 and quite a bit if they had a little bit of a project on their hands.

After a vacant lot for 18 months before the move date, the property, which was rebuilt in 1930, previously used as a site office for local housing construction and was “not in good condition”.

There are gardens that are grown for the match, as well as small problems that there is no floor along.

However, the couple was seeing a lot of potential in the new earth, which has three double bedrooms, a main bathroom, downstairs robe room, lounge, and dining kitchen. Plenty of room for young families to create their own.

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With the vision in mind, Holly and Mike are going to work on a full renovation to make the property a happy family earth, while Holly is pregnant with their second child, Emmeline.

To keep costs low, the couple – who are also aging to three -year -old Ellis – can complete most of the work on their own.

Professional electrician Mike works 12 hours a day for the first locks, rewires and pipes back all over the earth while social media creative Holly shifts her attention to budgets, interior design, material orders, and painting.

They worked together as a team when it came to sorting the kitchen and utility room, which they installed themselves while Holly was eight months into her pregnancy.

While getting their home up to liveable standards, Holly, Mike and Ellis stayed with the family, before moving on to finish off their decorating tasks together.

At this time, they at least got the bathroom working, but remained six months longer until the kitchen was sorted, and the ground floor still needed renovation.

Holly has described the most difficult part of the process as “pregnant while also having a two -year -old boy when renovated in the winter pandemics”.

Things are very difficult in January 2021 because they have already opened the external door, meaning the earth was “icy cold”. By this time, Holly was five months pregnant, with a childhood chasing.

Holly said: “I wash in the bathroom and cook every meal in the microwave in the living room because we don’t have a kitchen. Because of the lockdown, we don’t have anywhere else and can’t receive help from family. It’s really a love job and we put blood, sweat, and tears into it – not all our money ”.

The current building cannot be introduced afterwards with fresh floors, new decorations, and furniture as well as a specially made kitchen that makes the property an uninhabitable property to be earth.

Despite these changes, the character of the house has been carefully kept intact, with some original features remaining. These include fireplaces in the living room, stained glass front doors, hallway floor tiles, banisters, bay windows, internal doors, skirting boards, and drawing rails.

The bride and groom paid £ 45,000 for the renovation, which, from start to finish, took 18 months to complete. It is a credit to the hard work that the value of the property has now increased to £ 387,000.

Holly said: “My favorite room is the first one we finished – the main bathroom. I love how the floor and wall tiles have worked so well with the marble and wood detail of the antique washstand, along with the antique brass hardware. I think this room epitomizes the look we wanted. We were very happy with the finished look [of the house] because it was exactly what we imagined – a mix of traditional design and modern elements.

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