Two Lexington fire stations now running partially on solar panel energy

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Two Lexington fire stations now use solar power, at least partially. It is part of a larger renewable energy project across the city.

“For the past several years our town leaders, members of our council, the mayor have thought it important to pursue a variety of energy conservation projects,” said Lexington Fire Director Jessica Bowman.

The measures have been in the process of paying for short-term payments such as street lights and traffic lights, and are now in the process of paying for long-term solar power.

“We see them 24/7, 365, our fire stations are always busy,” Capt. Bowman said. “We are always using energy, there is never a holiday as there can be in other government buildings, which is why fire stations are considered a good source of initial testing of components. these of the day. “

Solar panels are installed at 7th Fire Station on Tates Creek Road and Fire Station No. 15 Shillito Park.

Each cost about $ 30,000, a sum that came from the City Energy Development Fund.

Leaders expect the projects to pay for itself to save costs by year 10 or 11.

With one month of replacement, Capt. Bowman says they are already seeing the impact.

“Solar panels are designed to generate about 30-40 percent of the energy required by fire stations, and we see pushing and pulling energy at different times of the day” Capt. Bowman said. “So, when stations use a lot of energy, we use all the solar energy we make and pull a lot of energy into the network.”

The city has selected two stations based on the day’s study.

Bowman says there are some areas that are considered suitable for solar panels, but said there are no plans to install more immediately.

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