Udhghatana begins at Shivalayam at Yadadri . hill temple

Published: Updated On – 18:06, Wed – 20 April 22

Yadadri-Bhongir: Udghatana, rituals performed to reopen temples, has begun at the renovated Shivalayam at Yadadri hill temple with performances of ‘ankurarpana’ and ‘vigneshwara pooja’ by temple priests and ruthwik.

The darshan will continue at the temple from April 25 after the performance of the maha kumbabhisekham. The Panchakundathmaka yagam will be performed for six days as part of the maha kumbha samprokshana.

Altogether, 54 vedic pandits and ruthwik participated in the pancha kundathmaka yagam in the temple.

The Maha kumbha samprokshana will take place at 12.30 on April 25, in which Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao will participate.

The Yadadri Temple Development Authority (YTDA) has taken up the renovation of shivalayam as part of the Yadadri development. Darshan at the temple was discontinued in May 2017 for renovation purposes. But, temporary shivalayam was erected in the hill temple to give darshan to the devotees, who would come to Yadadri.