You won’t believe the incredible beauty inside this…

If there’s one thing I wish I could do better, it’s decoration. I’m not bad, but my decorating skills are nothing with any kind of WOW factor. I wish I had the creativity of this Evansville, Indiana woman who makes it look so easy.

JoElle Baker Knight has shown us her flipping and stage skills before. Back in 2020, she revealed an amazing transformation.

Her most recent project is her parent’s house on Frankin St. in Evansville. When I spoke to her, she said that her parents did all the work with the update and renovation, and she added the wonderful finish.

I think they make a really great team. Look at the incredible and beautiful work they have done.

Remember, if you love it, it’s for sale. It can be yours.

JoElle posted this description and photos on her Facebook page.

Just a few blocks from the thriving neighborhood and business district of West Franklin Street, you have a rare opportunity to purchase a beautifully restored Victorian home. With a modern take on French country style, this home bursts with charm and beauty.

JoElle Baker Knight/Facebook/Canva

Floor-to-ceiling windows, stately trim, display ceilings, and flashing lights all complement the designer’s overall aesthetic.

JoElle Baker Knight/Facebook/Canva

JoElle Baker Knight/Facebook/Canva

The sun drenched porch and butcher’s pantry don’t add to the charm factor.

JoElle Baker Knight/Facebook/Canva

The dual living room spaces lead into the dining room which showcases reclaimed wood floors and soaring ceilings. The kitchen bursts with thoughtful details and fixtures like furniture.

JoElle Baker Knight/Facebook/Canva

Outside, the backyard reveals a cottage garden and patios, transporting you to your own oasis in the city.

JoElle Baker Knight/Facebook/Canva

Enjoy all the amenities of city living in a home that transports you to a slice of heaven.

I am speechless. I am in love with the French-inspired decor. It is charming and so romantic. Like I said, I’m in awe of her decorating skills.

If you would like to see more photos and schedule a time to see the home for yourself, JoElle would like you to text her at 812-568-9646.

Chic, Historic Indiana Farmhouse Renovation Should Be On HGTV, But You Can See It Here

Chic, Historic Indiana Farmhouse Renovation Should Be On HGTV, But You can See It Here

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