1UP Lifestyle Store will open at Newport’s Market Arcade

A 26-YEAR-OLD from Newport is planning to open his first business – downtown.

Corey Lewis, from Newport, is planning to open his health and lifestyle store in the recently updated Newport Mall.

The young businessman hopes to officially open his shop – which is adjacent to Ffoto Newport – by the end of May, although the exact date has not been confirmed.

The 1UP Lifestyle Store will offer a wide range of health products – including fruit juices, cold juices, alkaline beverages, CBD products and more.

“I’ve been getting better for a long time,” Mr Lewis said.

“For a while I had no balance, but I had a lot of friends who were involved in natural healing and nutrition, and it became an integral part of my lifestyle.

“With the outbreak of Covid I noticed people were more concerned about their health – they were trying to make lifestyle changes and exercise.

“I have found that the government does not really tell people how to make their bodies stronger against germs.

“The food we eat can help our immune system and mental health; I think this is an important thing that people should be taught while growing up. “

He added that CBD products also seem to be becoming more popular, with him hoping to offer these health products and lifestyle “at a reasonable price”.

The group inside the Arcade Market is being painted, with a new floor added, and Mr Lewis hopes to officially open the business by the end of May.

Along with health and CBD products, the company will also sell some clothing.

He is thinking of setting up his own business for a long time and – if the 1UP Lifestyle Store is good – he hopes to find a great asset to the juice bar, which will also provide good food, including bowls and options. for vegetarians and vegans.

The Newport City Center is currently undergoing renovations, with new openings in the Marketplace and recent Newport Market updates by developer LoftCo.

You can follow the trade on Instagram @ 1up_lifestylestore and follow the Newport Marketplace where the 1UP Lifestyle Store will be @ newport.market.arcade