5 New Features in Windows 11 22H2 Update (September 2022)

Microsoft delivered on its annual promise with the first Windows 11 feature update, which was released yesterday. The 2:22 update will be made available to users gradually. Anyone running Windows 11 2H21 on their PC will be able to download the first major update to one of Microsoft’s prized creations.

The update brings many seemingly minor but important changes to the user interface. Important features included in Windows 11 such as start menu, taskbar, notification center and applications like file explorer, task manager and others have received some interesting changes.

5 most significant features of the Windows 11 2H22 feature update

1) Useful changes to the Task Bar and Start Menu

The popular drag-and-drop support for the taskbar was not available in Windows 11 when it was released. It was an unwanted change from the Windows 10 offering, leading many users to demand its return.

The latest feature update finally brought back the small but user-friendly feature, and one can now drag and drop files across apps to the taskbar for a seamless and productive experience.

Freeing up space on the Start menu has never been easier, with the latest feature update allowing users to group apps into folders. This is similar to what Android and iOS devices offer, and is a welcome change for those who want to get all the clutter out of their Start menu.

2) Interesting additions to File Explorer and a Task Manager rennovation

Another cool addition will make File Explorer much easier to use. The popular file directory app will now feature a tabbed interface, allowing users to open multiple folders under a single app instance. It will be a similar experience to Microsoft Edge, which allows users to open multiple websites in tabs.

In addition to tabs, the feature update will also add the ability to pin certain files or folders to the quick access page. It should be noted that the feature does not currently ship with the aforementioned updates; these will be available next month via an additional patch.

The Task Manager app has also received an overhaul and now features an improved user interface. It sports a new sidebar navigation UI design that seems to work well with the overall look and feel of the operating system.

3) New features catering to users’ gaming experience

The new update will host new features for a smoother gaming experience. Users who rely on controllers for navigation will now have an easier time with the all-new controller bar. One can access their recently played games or recently used game launchers by pressing the Xbox button (or main menu button) on their controller.

The update also brings some optimizations to games running in windowed mode, allowing users to enjoy better display latency, auto HDR, and variable refresh rate. Plus, there’s a new HDR Calibration app that lets you customize features for when it’s enabled.

4) Clipchamp, the new integrated video editor in Windows 11

Clipchamp could be a very easy way for users to quickly edit videos for sharing purposes, and it’s available right under the hood of their operating system. It is free to use for basic purposes, but you can choose to go premium with several subscription rates available.

5) Smart App Control redefines in-built security features in Windows 11

Another important addition brought by the Windows 11 2H22 update is the new Smart App Control, which should protect the system against file-based malignancies and script attacks using an AI model. It is based on the same core operating system capabilities as the iconic Windows Defender Application Control.

Interested users can go to Windows Settings to check if the 2H22 update is available for their system. Note that it is not mandatory for users to install it, but it is definitely worth it.