Santa Rosa Junior College suspends Summer Repertory Theater

The Summer Repertory Theater has been canceled this summer, to return in a modified form later, according to the junior college.|

Summer Repertory Theatre, a local performing arts darling for half a century, is going on hiatus and faces major changes in the future as its sponsor, Santa Rosa Junior College, struggles with program costs.

“Our summer theater program will be transitioning to a more sustainable model and to showcase local talent. Therefore, SRT will not be held this summer,” said Frank Chong, the college’s president and superintendent, in a statement Friday.

Producing a summer season of five or six plays each year, featuring actors and technicians in training from all over the US, the Summer Warehouse Theater attracted up to 30,000 playwrights a year.

“The theater company has faced rising housing costs, the impact of inflation, and a lack of sustainable long-term funding sources,” Chong said in the statement.

The junior college is struggling to run multimillion-dollar deficits driven primarily by declining student enrollment, a statewide trend.

In an interview Friday afternoon, Chong said, “It’s part of our ongoing look at what we can continue to do.”

He compared the cost of the junior college summer theater program — $483,000 a year — to the cost of subsidizing on-campus child care, at $443,000 a year.

Childcare, according to Chong, was the highest priority.

Chong, who is retiring this year, took the helm of SRJC in January 2012. At one point facing a budget gap of at least $6.5 million in the spring of 2018, Chong sparked outrage when his administration reduced bids class for the upcoming summer session. more than half, with a move aimed at saving the school about $2 million. Amid campus turmoil, he reversed course the next day.

James Newman, 51, director of the summer theater program since 2006, will remain at the junior college as chair of the theater, arts and fashion department and will be the new artistic director for the regular fall and spring theater seasons.

“SRT is a great training program for students, both performers and technicians,” Newman said in an interview. “We have trained thousands of students, many of whom have gone on to careers in entertainment. In 2020, we had five of our former students on Broadway.”

Newman succeeded Frank Zwolinski, who not only founded the popular summer theater program in 1972, but served as its sole artistic director for its first 34 years.

In 2019, SRT performed in an open-air pavilion on campus, and the college’s Burbank Auditorium building continued to undergo longer-than-expected renovations. The season was canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to construction delays and concerns about coronavirus.

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Is SRJC nursing Program good?

The national average NCLEX-RN pass rate for ADN programs is 85.48% and 87.22% for BSN programs. Out of 134 nursing schools in California, the nursing program at Santa Rosa Junior College is ranked #26 in the state, and out of more than 1,700 nursing programs nationally, it is #100.

Does SRJC have a nursing program? The SRJC ADN nursing program is fully accredited as a pre-licensure RN program by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN).

How long is the SRJC nursing program? How long does it take to complete the program? After completing program prerequisites and being accepted into the ADN program, students must complete four semesters of full-time enrollment in nursing courses. Students must also complete the SRJC associate requirements.

Is it difficult to get into the SRJC Nursing Program? The SRJC nursing program is highly regarded and as a result is highly competitive. My suggestion is to literally score the absolute top score on all your prerequisites and mentally prepare for admission. Mental attitude is key. For example: creating space in your garage for the new car you hope to buy.

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What is the oldest college in the United States and where is it located? Founded in 1636, Harvard University is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. The university is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is home to more than 60,000 students.

Where was the first American college? Founded in 1636, Harvard College was the first institution of higher learning in the English colonies. Before American independence, eight other colleges were founded in the future United States.

How big is SRJC?

With 14 major high school districts within its boundaries, the SRJC district encompasses more than 1,600 square miles, stretching from southern Mendocino County in the north to northern Marin County in the south.

How big is the SRJC campus? SRJC’s main campus is located 52 miles (84 km) north of San Francisco and has a 100-acre (0.40 km2) traditional-style campus with ivy-covered brick buildings in the heart of Santa Rosa, California.

How many students at SRJC 2022? Book Registration There are 16,757 students enrolled at Santa Rosa Junior College. Santa Rosa Junior College has 4,917 students enrolled full-time and 11,840 enrolled part-time.

What is the biggest junior college?

1. Miami Dade College: Miami, FL.

What is the largest junior college in California? The largest community college in California is East Los Angeles College with 33,397 students.