Mall of the Bluffs to be renovated around makeshift middle school

OMAHA, Nebraska (WOWT) – The Council Bluffs Community School District now has one of its schools right next to an area that is undergoing redevelopment, and it was the ongoing renovation in the district that brought the school to that area. .

The Mall of The Bluffs is coming down. The mall was close to a ghost town in its later years, but not all sections of the old mall will be demolished.

Council Bluffs Public Schools owns the former Target building. School officials purchased the space to use while two of the district’s middle schools were renovated.

The Council Bluffs Community School District now has one of its schools right next to an area that is being redeveloped, and it was undergoing renovation in

“We wanted to make sure that we didn’t have any learning loss and that we were able to create a good environment for our students to learn while their school was being renovated,” said Dr. Vickie Murillo, superintendent of Council Bluffs Community Schools.

Now, a new Menards store will replace the Old Mall of The Bluffs, and Council Bluffs school officials will have to decide what to do with the school building.

“Well, we’ve been working on a feasibility study with the board and the board is having a lot of conversations, we haven’t made any decisions yet on what we’re going to do with the building once the renovation of Wilson Middle School and our los is complete. Students are going back to that beautiful new and renovated middle school, so at this time we don’t have any definitive plans for that,” Murillo said.

Council Bluffs School Superintendent Dr. Vicki Murillo says the district has a good working relationship with Menards and the company will do everything possible to not disrupt learning while the demolition takes place.

“They are going to try to do everything they can to start the demolition on the opposite end and work towards our building and then try to get it all done by the time we finish our spring break,” Murillo said.

Dr. Murillo says that students should be able to return to the newly renovated Wilson Middle School at the start of the next school year.

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